Advocacy Works!

After a successful weekend of hearings in Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun Counties we now have more supporters!  In addition to these legislators who have expressed their support for recess, there were a number of other legislators at these hearings who heard our message. Once our bill gets posted, we’ll need recess advocates around the Commonwealth to call their legislators so we can add more names to this list!
  • John Bell (House District 87)
  • Jeff Bourne (House District 71)
  • Eileen Filler-Corn (House District 41)
  • Wendy Gooditis (House District 10)
  • Mark Keam (House District 35)
  • Paul Krizek (House District 44)
  • Kathleen Murphy (House District 34)
  • Sam Rasoul (House District 11)
  • David Reid (House District 32)
  • Marcus Simon (House District 53)
  • Barbara Favola (Senate District 31)
  • Jennifer Wexton (Senate District 33)

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